Welcome Future Freshmen

Important Contact Information

Denise Montoya--9th Grade Dean

Roy Sanchez--Athletic Director

Joshua Blondin--Activities Director

Once you start high school, your world will open up to so many opportunities.  Here at Eldorado, we offer a variety of elective courses, clubs, athletics, and special interest groups.  What inspires you?  What interests you?  Check out our electives and clubs and find something to be a part of!

Let's Go to Class!

Play the video above to see a short introduction of some of our groups on campus.

Course offerings include:

-Automotive Technology 1
-Business, Marketing & Finance 1 (DECA 1)
-CAD Engineering 1
-Child Development
-Computer Graphics 1
-Culinary Art 1
-Marine Corp JROTC Leadership 1
-Multimedia Journalism


-French 1

-French 2

-Spanish 1

-Spanish 2

-Art 1

-Ceramics 1

-Drama 1

-Photograph 1

-Stagecraft 1

-Band: Concert (must be enrolled in 0-hour Marching Band)

-Band: Jazz 1 (audition required)

-Choir: Concert 1 (audition required)

-Choir: Mixed 1

-Choir: Trible 1 (audition required)

-Guitar: Beginning

-Orchestra 1

-Orchestra Advanced (audition required)

Zero-hour Classes (additional class that meets 6:28am – 7:18am)

-Color Guard (part of Marching Band program)

-Marching Band/Wind Ensembles

-Military Skills MCJROTC (must be enrolled in MCJROTC Leadership)

-Student Senate

physical education


Music Education